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SUN SUN 스토리지 A-7000 TS2004010370038
Total Size 540 GB 장비상태
Disc Size 18 GB 구입년월
Disc Qty 30 개 구입가격 0만원
Interface 판매유형 보유상품
판매가격 750만원
사진은 실물이미지입니다
18기가 HDD 30개내장 SUN STORAGE A-7000
전원 공급장치 포함
모니터링 노트북 컴퓨터 포함

The A7000 integrates disks, dual-redundant control-unit hardware, and software into a single cabinet. The top bay houses up to 977 GB of high-performance disk storage in 108 hot-swappable drives. Capacity can be scaled up to 2.93 TB of raw storage with the addition of an expansion cabinet. A color laptop computer is used as the service console providing pre-emptive "phone home" notification to a remote service center for diagnosis and repair.

The A7000 concurrently supports:

Channel-attached IBM and plug compatible mainframes.

The A7000 emulates an IBM 3990 storage controller and supports a software configurable mix of 3380 and 3390 volumes.

SCSI-attached hosts.

SCSI Target Emulation supports direct connections to UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT hosts.

A real-time, general-purpose UNIX operating system enables the A7000 to be rapidly reconfigured for a variety of cross-platform storage roles. High data availability is configurable through a combination of RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, and RAID 5 devices.

With DataShare, data that is created by dissimilar hosts can be directly shared across the enterprise. DataShare technology, available only from Sun, enables enterprise systems to store data on a common device and provides access to that data from any environment. Users on a mainframe, UNIX, or Windows NT system can all directly access the same storage device and share the data without having to duplicate the information on multiple platforms.

Features & Benefits
Sun StorEdge DataShare technology - Enables direct data access among dissimilar host platforms

Phone home capability and remote diagnostics - Mainframe-class reliability, availability, & serviceability (RAS)

32 host connections to ESCON, BMC, and SCSI; Fibre Channel connectivity planned for the future - A single resource for a wide variety of hosts, offering true, multi-platform storage consolidation

RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 5 - High data availability and storage flexibility

Remote Dual Copy - Permits data to be mirrored across geographically separated data centers, providing disaster recovery protection

High-density storage, packing up to 324 disk drives and 2.93 TB into only 19 square feet - Reduces environmental cost of ownership

Fully redundant SMP UNIX computers used as controllers - Excellent flexibility and feature extensibility
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